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Holocaust Survivors Explain Things to AOC

alexandria ocasio-cortez

Holocaust Survivors Explain Things to AOC

By now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s gross remarks regarding detention centers for illegal immigrants are infamous (or famous, depending on how much you care about politicians appropriating the Holocaust for selfish reasons and shock value). It seems obvious to Jews that no one is being systematically gassed and burned at these centers for illegal immigrants. But it’s not obvious to everyone, for example, Ilhan Omar, who said that she doesn’t even know why what AOC said is at all controversial.

That’s why it’s good some survivors are still alive and among us, to explain what’s wrong with equating detention centers with concentration camps.

One wonders, on the other hand, what will happen in a few years, when there are no more survivors to bear witness to the difference between the Holocaust and EVERYTHING ELSE?

What is certain is that now that AOC has breached a barrier, others will not hesitate to follow in her path.

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