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Anglican Church of Canada Replaces Prayer for the Conversion of the Jews

Historical building in Toronto, Canada, with Canadian flag

The Anglican Church of Canada intends to remove a prayer for the conversion of the Jews from its liturgy. The prayer is to be replaced with a text on the “Reconciliation with the Jews.” Bruce Myers, the Anglican bishop of Quebec, issued a statement saying that the changes are meant to move the community to …


France: Town Councilman Celebrates Birthday with Swastika Cake and “SS Friends”

Swastika cake

Djamel Bouzaam, a member of the town council of Montpellier (Herault) has posted on Facebook a photo of a cake decorated with a swastika he said was a “gift from my SS friend.” “I spent a beautiful day with my family, music, food in the home of my SS friend, then my birthday cake arrived, …

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Holocaust Survivors Explain Things to AOC

alexandria ocasio-cortez

Holocaust Survivors Explain Things to AOC By now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s gross remarks regarding detention centers for illegal immigrants are infamous (or famous, depending on how much you care about politicians appropriating the Holocaust for selfish reasons and shock value). It seems obvious to Jews that no one is being systematically gassed and burned at these …

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AOC Calls Antisemitic Kettle Black

Bernie Sanders next to money tree from Politico article

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is complaining that no one complains when antisemites on the right are acting out. The cause of her complaint? An article in Politico that showed Bernie Sanders next to a money tree. The article’s purpose is apparently to ponder how a poor Democratic socialist ended up with a net worth of at least …

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City of David: Deniers Deny Jewish Connection to Jerusalem Only Because of Politics

Pete Hegseth Ir David (City of David, Jerusalem)

Denying that the Jewish people were sovereign in Jerusalem before the birth of the other two major world religions is done only for political reasons, according to a recent video on the City of David. The video, produced by Fox News show host Pete Hegseth, is just a taste of what we will see in …

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What Kind of People Target a Kindergarten?

Sderot Kindergarten Operation Enduring Silence May 2019 Direct Hit

On Saturday, when the Jewish people of the Jewish State of Israel were celebrating the Sabbath, Hamas operatives sent hundreds of rockets into civilian Southern Israel, sending residents into shelters. A woman was killed, another injured. More have subsequently been killed as the rockets continue. But if you’ll excuse the expression, what really hit home …

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Lori Kaye Jumped In Front of Her Rabbi to Save Him

Lori Kaye

The news of the newest synagogue shooting in Poway, California, just six months after Tree of Life is more than shocking. We wonder what is happening to America, to our religious freedom and security. We felt safe. Now we do not. What will be? Only Hashem knows. John Earnest had evil on his mind as …


Omar Ilhan Says Trump is “Not Human”

Ilhan Omar

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who is now (in)famous for her antisemitic remarks, has now said that her president is not “human.” Omar had earlier appeared to criticize former President Obama, trash-talking his policies on drones and borders, and saying that his “hope and change” rhetoric was just a mirage. In light of these remarks, a Fox …


New Documentary on American Nazism: A Night at the Garden

Night at the Garden (screenshot)

We like to think that America is the good guy in any fight. That’s why this new documentary, A Night at the Garden, is so chilling. The 7-minute clip shows Americans goose-stepping, cursing the Jews, and in general, celebrating the rise of Nazism to a backdrop of a larger than life George Washington, flanked by …

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Ilhan Omar Says Support for Israel is “All About the Benjamins, Baby.”

Ilhan Omar

Already known for her BDS support and for calling Israel “evil,” Ilhan Omar has now said rich Jews in AIPAC are behind U.S. support for Israel. And she’s said it in an entirely offensive way. Read the tweets and see for yourself: It’s all about the Benjamins baby 🎶 — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) February …