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The Death of a Righteous Gentile

Krystyna Danko

We wrote about Krystyna Danko, only recently, during a fundraising effort to buy the Righteous Gentile, who saved Jews during the Holocaust, a proper hospital bed. Now she has died, at age 102. She went to her final rest in the hospital bed that so many Jewish people helped to fund. Maybe more than the …

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Showing Gratitude to One of the Righteous of the Nations

Krystyna Danko

Jews have an attitude of gratitude. That’s the gist of the story of the Holocaust survivor from Israel who donated money to buy a $1,200 medical bed for 102-year-old Krystyna Danko, a non-Jewish woman from Warsaw, who risked her life to save Jews from genocide. Danko is thought to be the oldest of the Righteous Among …

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This Principal Believes the Holocaust is Up for Debate

Spanish River Community High School

William Latson, principal of Spanish River High School in Boca Raton, Florida, told a student’s mom that “Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened.” He wasn’t lying when he said this, he just wasn’t telling the truth. Sure, Holocaust denial exists. But an educator’s job is to disseminate the facts. The Holocaust is a fact. There …

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Concentration Camp Survivor Tells AOC What’s What

Ed Mosberg, concentration camp survivor wearing camp inmate uniform

Ed Mosberg is one of the few remaining survivors of the concentration camps. At 93-years-old, he has no patience with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez referring to illegal migrant detention centers as “concentration camps.” “She should be removed from Congress. She’s spreading anti-Semitism, hatred and stupidity,” said Mosberg in an interview with the New York Post. “The …

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Holocaust Survivors Explain Things to AOC

alexandria ocasio-cortez

Holocaust Survivors Explain Things to AOC By now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s gross remarks regarding detention centers for illegal immigrants are infamous (or famous, depending on how much you care about politicians appropriating the Holocaust for selfish reasons and shock value). It seems obvious to Jews that no one is being systematically gassed and burned at these …

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Can We Boycott George Bernard Shaw, Antisemite?

By Alvin Langdon Coburn - Illustrated London News, p. 575 (subscription required), PD-US,

A recent article by Saul Jay Singer, “The Anti-Semitism of George Bernard Shaw,” was interesting for the awful historical record it presented of the famous playwright. The article offers many antisemitic quotes as proof, for instance this statement: “No doubt Jews are obnoxious creatures. Any competent historian or psychoanalyst can bring a mass of incontrovertible …

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Moving Mourners Prayer Headline

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Headline Jewish Mourners Prayer Kaddish

In the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre in which 11 innocents lost their lives, there have been many gestures of solidarity. A new Pittsburgh Penguins shirt sports a Jewish star. The Pittsburgh Steelers logo changed its background color to black to reflect the darkness of a city gone into mourning. A meme accompanying the …

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British Soccer Team Receives First Hand Antisemitism Lesson From Holocaust Survivor

Holocaust Survivor Harry Spiro

British soccer fans (or as they call it, “football”) are notorious for their antisemitism. They call their opponents “Jews” and chant antisemitic slogans and songs at games. The negative publicity apparently became so intense that they decided to do something about the issue. Holocaust Survivor Harry Spiro was brought to the Chelsea Football Club to …


Austrian Chancellor Admits Austria’s Role in the Holocaust

Austrians welcome the Nazis to their country

During a visit to Jerusalem this week, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz admitted that his country had admitted only to victimhood during the Holocaust and not in its very pertinent role in the murder of 6 million Jews. Speaking to a gathering of the American Jewish Committee, Kurz was forthright: “To remember means also to admit …