Month: April 2018


U.S. Embassy Ready to Move

Jerusalem, capital of Israel

After months of speculation, it’s really happening: the U.S. Embassy is moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. The official move is slated for May 14th, Jerusalem Day. An access road has been created and road signs have gone up. Rumor has it that Jared and Ivanka Trump will be representing the Trump administration …


John Bolton: We Coordinated With Israel Before Syria Strike

US Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis greets National Security Adviser Designate John R. Bolton at the Pentagon

The Trump administration isn’t going to let Assad’s chemical strikes on his own people be ignored any longer. Moreover, the incoming U.S. National Security Advisor, John Bolton, made sure to coordinate the U.S. response to Syrian chemical attacks with Israel. No more fuzzy red lines. No more blowing off allies in favor of enemies. Whether …

antisemitism, Israel

Media Ignores Syrian Violation of Demilitarized Border with Israel

Border fence between Syria and Israel

Fake news is an irritating phenomenon, but not reporting the real news is even worse, in some ways. CAMERA reports that Syria put tanks and heavy artillery into a demilitarized border zone it shares with Israel. This should have been shocking front page news. But you couldn’t have read about it, since not one major …