Month: September 2022

antisemitism, BDS, Israel

Clients of Booking.Com Warned Against Jewish Listings in Judea and Samaria user surfs listings

The Dutch online travel reservations service will be warning customers away from staying in Judea and Samaria. In a statement to Ynet, the company said, “Certain areas affected by conflict may pose a greater risk to travelers, so we provide our customers with information that helps them make decisions and encourage them to check …

American Jewry, campus

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Blocks YU Order on LGBTQ Recognition–But Court Reverses Her Decision

Sonia Sotomayor in robes

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor temporarily blocked a court order that would force Yeshiva University to give official recognition to a campus LGBTQ club. But in the end, the court decided to compel YU to honor the NY State ruling. YU according to law must officially recognize the group. YU had argued that recognition of …

Cancel culture

Left Demands Spotify Dump Joe Rogan for Saying “Vote Republican”

joe rogan

Occupy Democrats, a left-wing American media outlet, is screaming a blue streak, demanding that music platform Spotify, drop radio talk show host Joe Rogan. Why? Because Rogan told his listeners, during a recent podcast, to “Vote Republican.” BREAKING: Influential podcaster Joe Rogan ignorantly urges Americans to “vote Republican” as a form of supposed payback for …