Month: December 2021

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Brooklyn Man Attacked for Wearing IDF Sweatshirt

Brooklyn IDF Sweatshirt Attacker

Blake Zavadsky was attacked in broad daylight in Brooklyn for the crime of wearing an IDF sweatshirt. The assailant called Zavadsky and his friend, Ilan Kaganovich, “dirty Jews,” and demanded that the former remove his sweatshirt. When Zavadsky refused, his assailant punched him several times and also poured coffee on his sweatshirt. On at 12/26/21, …


“Carmel” Winter Storm Brings Heavy Winds, Rain, and Ice to Israel

Israeli flag waves in wind and rain

A winter storm dubbed “Carmel,” hit Israel this week, bringing lots of rain, heavy winds, and some ice pellets to Israel this week. It’s not exactly what we pray for when we ask for rain. What we want is “gishmei bracha” when it rains at night, without causing damage or inconvenience. But Hashem is King, …


Reopening the Jerusalem US Consulate Would Be Illegal


Once Trump established a US embassy in Jerusalem, there was no longer any need for a separate US consulate. The embassy is able to provide for all consular services in the Jewish State. As a result, the Jerusalem Consulate, based in an Arab neighborhood in the eastern part of Jerusalem, closed its doors. Now, President …


Samaria Car Accident Kills Two Children, Parents in Serious Condition

Meoded family, with their two little girls, killed in a car accident

Just before Shabbos, a car carrying a couple and their two children collided with a second car. The two children were killed, and the parents were grievously injured. The young family was on its way to spend Shabbos with family, when an Arab driver crossed a double white line. As a result, the Jewish family …

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Beverly Hills Residents Wake up to Antisemitic Flyers on First Day of Chanuka

Antisemitic flyers found on Beverly Hills' lawns on 1st day Chanuka 2021

Beverly Hills residents had a surprise when they woke up on the first day of Chanuka: antisemitic flyers papering their yards. Local police got a call at 6 AM from someone reporting a flyer with hate speech. After canvassing the area, police officers determined that the flyers had been widely distributed, covering several blocks of …