Month: January 2018


Netanyahu Sets the Record Straight

Israeli PM Netanyahu is interviewed by CNN's Fareed Zakaria in Davos, 2018

Speaking to Fareed Zakaria in Davos, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke brilliantly, as per usual. Pressed to say that President Trump somehow stymied peace by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Netanyahu blew that myth right out of the water: “He did a great service for peace because peace can only be based on truth, on …

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Israel Reports Rise in Global Antisemitism

Member of Knesset Naftali Bennett

Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Naftali Bennett presented his ministry’s report on global antisemitism. It seems that while antisemitism is on the rise, violent antisemitic incidents are down. In Bennett’s introduction to the report, he said: “The unequivocal growth in the anti-Semitic discourse is apparently due to two phenomena that we have witnessed over the …