Month: June 2018


Excluding Moses and the Temple from History

Moses holding the tablets

The College Board has proposed a change to the AP World History curriculum: start from the year 1450, as opposed to the dawn of civilization. The idea of this change is to limit the material covered in the classroom to a manageable amount. Educators are up in arms over the concept. Time helpfully points out …


Orthodox, Reform, Conservative Agree to Disapprove of Separating Migrant Families

By Jonathan McIntosh [CC BY 2.5 (], from Wikimedia Commons

The Orthodox Union (OU), the organization representing America’s Modern Orthodox community, signed onto a letter signed by another 26 Jewish organizations opposing the separation of migrants from their children. That makes it a rare case of Jewish harmony in which all three major branches of Judaism agree on an important issue. Hmmm. The issue in …


Austrian Chancellor Admits Austria’s Role in the Holocaust

Austrians welcome the Nazis to their country

During a visit to Jerusalem this week, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz admitted that his country had admitted only to victimhood during the Holocaust and not in its very pertinent role in the murder of 6 million Jews. Speaking to a gathering of the American Jewish Committee, Kurz was forthright: “To remember means also to admit …

antisemitism, Israel

Israeli Democracy: Impeaching Zoabi

Because Israel is a democracy, anyone can run for office. That is why Israel has so many Members of Knesset that are Arabs. One of them is Haneen Zoabi who has publicly said things like “We need millions of Palestinians to march on Jerusalem. That is the aspiration. But we can’t do it, because the …