Month: November 2018

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Head Coverings In, Israel Out

Ilhan Omar

Jewish Democrats may have been upset to find they’d been duped about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s BDS leanings. Especially since she denied being in favor of BDS during the election and changed her tune only after she was in. But there is still something to give us Jewish nachas: Omar is pushing to remove the ban …

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Can We Boycott George Bernard Shaw, Antisemite?

By Alvin Langdon Coburn - Illustrated London News, p. 575 (subscription required), PD-US,

A recent article by Saul Jay Singer, “The Anti-Semitism of George Bernard Shaw,” was interesting for the awful historical record it presented of the famous playwright. The article offers many antisemitic quotes as proof, for instance this statement: “No doubt Jews are obnoxious creatures. Any competent historian or psychoanalyst can bring a mass of incontrovertible …

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Moving Mourners Prayer Headline

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Headline Jewish Mourners Prayer Kaddish

In the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre in which 11 innocents lost their lives, there have been many gestures of solidarity. A new Pittsburgh Penguins shirt sports a Jewish star. The Pittsburgh Steelers logo changed its background color to black to reflect the darkness of a city gone into mourning. A meme accompanying the …