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Farrakhan Defends Kanye for Being an Antisemite

farrakhan with Kanye West family

Kanye (Ye) West has been in the news for his antisemitic comments, for which he refused to apologize. His friend Louis Farrakhan, with whom his family and ex-wife have been photographed, has gone on record lauding Ye for only telling the truth, that he is an antisemite. In Farrakhan’s book, being an antisemite is recognition …

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Left Demands Spotify Dump Joe Rogan for Saying “Vote Republican”

joe rogan

Occupy Democrats, a left-wing American media outlet, is screaming a blue streak, demanding that music platform Spotify, drop radio talk show host Joe Rogan. Why? Because Rogan told his listeners, during a recent podcast, to “Vote Republican.” BREAKING: Influential podcaster Joe Rogan ignorantly urges Americans to “vote Republican” as a form of supposed payback for …