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Ben Shapiro Receives Video Threat from Far Right Antisemite

Ben Shapiro

“Ben Shapiro, you’ve spun your last dreidel,” declared Groyper movement activist Aidan Duncan, while shooting a gun and joking about shooting American Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro in a now deleted Instagram video shared by The Informant’s Nick Martin on Monday. The video by Duncan, also known as Smiley the Fren, was shot at a gun …

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Who Won the First 2020 Presidential Debate?

biden trump boxing match symbolizes first debate

President Trump and Joe Biden faced off in the first presidential debate and the results were, er, interesting. The two interrupted each other unceasingly, and the moderator, Chris Wallace, made clear he was biased against Donald Trump. It was noisy and it was boring. Just two old men fighting on TV. Surprisingly, Joe Biden made …

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Penn States Deletes Tweet Defending All Viewpoints

Old main building of Penn State University

The Liberal Arts Department of Penn State issued and subsequently deleted a tweet that told students that all viewpoints were welcome at the university: “Dear students, each of you belongs here. Your lives matter.” Dear Muslim and Jewish students, Your beliefs are valued here. Dear conservative students, Your viewpoints are important. Dear Latinx students, You …

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John McCain’s Jailer Respected Him

John McCain

Senator John McCain died of a glioblastoma on Saturday, one day after the senator from Arizona announced he would stop pursuing treatment for the aggressive brain tumor. McCain may not have become president, but he achieved a great deal in his lifetime, including respect even from those who opposed his political views. But according to …

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Jews Respond to Kavanaugh Nomination

The announcement of federal judge Brett Kavanaugh as President Trump’s nominee to replace retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy brought with it the condemnations we’ve come to expect after, well, any announcement by President Trump. And because of claims that Kavanaugh will overturn Roe vs. Wade, the outcry is particularly loud from Jewish groups, who …

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Conservative Judaism’s Double Message on Intermarriage

Groom breaks glass at Jewish wedding. Bride stands alongside. View is from the knee down

The Conservative Movement has issued a clarification regarding its stance on intermarriage that has many rabbis up in arms. Pretty much, it’s just a doubling down of a double message: We don’t perform marriage between a Jew and a non-Jew. We welcome interfaith couples. It’s a stance that makes no sense. Because either you welcome …