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Abbas Tells German Chancellor Israel Responsible for 50 Holocausts

Abbas Scholaz Berlin 50 holocausts presser

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, accused Israel of perpetrating 50 Holocausts on the Arab people. Shockingly, Scholz stood by, silent. While Scholz later used Twitter to suggest he was disgusted by Abbas’ comments, at the time the remarks were made—when such a statement would have …


American Jewry’s Identity Crisis

Liberal American Jewish woman protests Israel with sign

Israeli commentator Caroline Glick, in her New Year’s column, compares American Jewish life to Israeli Jewish life and comes up wanting. “As the New Year 5778 begins, 88% of Israeli Jews say that they are happy and satisfied with their lives. This makes sense. Israel’s relative security, its prosperity, freedom and spiritual blossoming make Israeli …


American Jews Don’t Want Embassy Moved

U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv

A poll by the American Jewish Committee published in the Jerusalem Post says most American Jews don’t want the American embassy in Israel moved to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital (an election promise President Trump has not kept): When asked about the embassy, a majority said they oppose moving it. Thirty-six percent responded that they would be in favor of this, …


Jews Battle Harvey in Texas Like Everyone Else

Jews Battle Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is truly ecumenical, affecting Jews and those of other religions with equal vengeance. Many have been reminded of Katrina, and in fact, New Orleans is bracing for similar flooding to Houston as a result of Harvey. Like the survivors of Katrina, the Jews of Texas remember past floods. “I am sad to report …