Month: July 2017


American Jews Want Equal Rights at the Wall

The latest contretemps in Jerusalem is about who has control over the Temple Mount. So far, the Arabs are winning. In 1967, the Jews liberated the Temple Mount, but Moshe Dayan gave it back the Jordanian Muslim Waqf Authority to administer and since then, Jews have not been allowed to pray there. The Arabs are …


Bibi Responds to Thomas Friedman

As the Western Wall controversy seems to drag on and on, all the “usual suspects” need to get their two-cents published. Thomas Friedman did his usual diss Israel thing and wrote a piece for the NY Times called Israel to U.S. Jews: You Don’t Matter. Many commentators dissected this piece and pointed out its falsehoods. …


Go Orthodox Young Man: American Jewry is Dying

American Jewry

A new study by the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) suggests that non-Orthodox American Jewry is dying out. The reason? The current generation of non-Orthodox American Jews is not having children. Those who are, are having non-Jewish children, by dint of intermarriage. Here’s the breakdown: 15 percent of non-Orthodox Jews age 25-54 have a Jewish …


Unavoidable Rifts?

In my inbox last week was a missive from a think tank, the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI). The board of directors of this group “has decided to establish a working group to look into the relationship between religion and state existing in Israel. “JPPI believes the decisions taken this week by the Israeli government regarding …