Jamaal Bowman’s Political Career is Dead–Long Live George Latimer

George Latimer

George Latimer, in a bit of happy news in an otherwise upsetting news cycle, claimed victory over Jamaal Bowman in the New York primaries. That’s after Bowman went completely cuckoo, cursing and shouting at AIPAC, Israel, and just Jews in general. After October 7, it just got worse and worse, until it became clear that the only male member of The Squad was insanely filled with rabid Jew-hatred, with nothing much else on his agenda.

How was Bowman defeated? The Jews in his district, including those who live in Westchester, poured money into his opponent’s campaign. So in essence, Bowman isn’t wrong about one thing: Jews wield influence by way of their wallets. However, Bowman neglects to tell the truth . . . other interest groups do exactly the same thing. Which makes Bowman, just gross.

Here’s wishing George Latimer only the best of luck. He seems to be a gentleman. Something in short supply in politics, these days.