Month: October 2018


CNN Eats Crow (Not)


Back in May, CNN made light of Netanyahu’s revelations about Iran’s secret nuclear work and machinations (“What did Netanyahu reveal about Iran’s nuclear program? Nothing new, experts say”): Nonproliferation experts who spoke with CNN say Netanyahu provided no evidence that Iran contravened the terms of the agreement. Moreover, they say there was nothing new in …

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British Soccer Team Receives First Hand Antisemitism Lesson From Holocaust Survivor

Holocaust Survivor Harry Spiro

British soccer fans (or as they call it, “football”) are notorious for their antisemitism. They call their opponents “Jews” and chant antisemitic slogans and songs at games. The negative publicity apparently became so intense that they decided to do something about the issue. Holocaust Survivor Harry Spiro was brought to the Chelsea Football Club to …

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Nikki Haley’s Reason for Resigning

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley’s resignation as US ambassador to the UN came as a huge shock to everyone, but particularly to those who support Israel. Haley has been a staunch friend of the Jewish State during her two-year stint as ambassador. Speculation regarding the reasons for her resignation have been rampant. But the most likely reason is …

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Sad Performance by Howard Stern, Adam Sandler

Howard Stern

Howard Stern recently interviewed Adam Sandler on his talk show, and incidentally, brought up the subject of the bar mitzvah ceremony, asking him if he wouldn’t describe it as “the single most weird situation in your whole performance life?” The two then broke into an impromptu performance of calling the bar mitzvah boy to the …

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American Jews “Solidly Secular”

Jew studies on subway

A new Pew Report has come out, and unfortunately, the largest number of Americans calling themselves “solidly secular” are Jews. But the real shocker is that Pew defined “solidly secular” for survey participants as not just having no religious affiliation or as nonparticipation in religious services and customs, but as not even believing in God. …