Month: May 2022

antisemitism, Israel

Shireen Abu Aqleh and the Unwarranted Finger Pointed at Israel

shireen abu aqleh

as Israeli forces came under heavy attack by terrorist gunfire. That, however, has not stopped the world’s finger at pointing at Israel. Even though the Palestinian Authority coroner said that it was impossible to determine responsibility for Aqleh’s death. The PA, moreover, has refused to allow Israel to examine the bullet, or collaborate with the …


Buffalo Supermarket Shooter an Antisemite

Payton Gendron Buffalo supermarket shooter

He may have targeted black Americans, but gunman Payton Gendron, who murdered 10 and injured three others in a Buffalo supermarket, is an antisemite. The shooter’s 180-page long manifesto outlines his ideology and calls blacks and members of other ethnic groups “subhuman.” Jews were singled out by the gunman for special treatment. “I’m advocating for …


Did Putin Really Apologize? Probably Not

Sergey Lavrov

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recently released a statement claiming that Putin had apologized for repugnant statements by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about Jews, Hitler, and the Holocaust, during a phone call that took place on Israel’s Holocaust Day. The Russian summary of the phone call, however, mentioned no such apology. That has led …

BDS, campus

Harvard, Not BDS, is the Problem

crimson banners hang over steps crowded with Harvard students

Liel Leibovitz at the Daily Scroll, commenting on the recent endorsement of BDS by Harvard’s student-run newspaper, The Crimson, opines that Jews arguing the opposite viewpoint are wasting their time. Leibovitz says: “Stop it. Just stop it. Stop pretending like any of this is real. It’s not: What we’re seeing here isn’t a conscientious decision …