Month: January 2024

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88 Percent of the Arab World Approves of the Atrocities of 10/7

Screenshot 2024-01-24 133225 France 24

Did you think that the Abraham Accords meant support for Israel in at least some of the Arab world? Think again. According to Elder of Ziyon, 88 percent of the Arab world thinks that the acts of 10/7 were “legitimate.” The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies released the results of a survey of …

Quality of Jewish Life

Ivy League Presidents: Two Down, One to Go

Claudine Gay ex-president Harvard

Liz Magill is gone, and now, so too is Claudine Gay. Now we wait only for Sally Kornbluth to follow through. These are the three Ivy League college presidents under fire for refusing to condemn antisemitism. Magill resigned from UPenn, and Claudine Gay resigned from Harvard. Will MIT’s Kornbluth follow suit? She should. Perhaps she …