Month: May 2018

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Novelist Michael Chabon Against Jewish Endogamy

Michael Chabon signing his book at a book signing in 2006

We already knew that novelist Michael Chabon and wife Ayelet Waldman are not on Israel’s side in the Arab war against the Jews. But now Chabon has come out against Jews marrying Jews. Significantly, he did so in an address to the latest graduating class reform rabbis at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion …

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Paraguay Opens Jerusalem Embassy

Screenshot of the opening of Paraguay's Jerusalem embassy May 2018

It’s a veritable flood (of reason and intellect). Paraguay has joined the United States and Guatemala in opening embassies in Jerusalem. It seems that countries wait for the US to lead, and then follow suit. Which proves what an important move President Trump made in moving the US embassy to Jerusalem’s eternal capital, Jerusalem. Love …

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Guatemala Follows US Good Example, Moves Embassy to Jerusalem

Guatemala Jerusalem Light Show

Just two days after the United States moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, capital of Israel, Guatemala is following suit. Out of gratitude, the Jerusalem municipality beamed an expression of thanks to President Jimmy Morales Cabrera, garlanded with the Guatemalan flag, on Tuesday night, in lights on the walls of the Old City …

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Abbas Says Jews Deserved to Die in the Holocaust

PA President Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whose doctoral thesis was a denial of the Holocaust, opened a speech of the Palestinian National Council by blaming the murder of over 6 million Jews on (wait for it) the Jews and their money-grubbing behavior. But that’s not antisemitic at all, right? Here’s what he said: “From the 11th …