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How Arabs Invert the Truth to Demonize Israel


In the complex and often contentious landscape of Middle Eastern geopolitics, one recurring theme stands out: the pervasive inversion of truth surrounding Israel by Arabs and their proxies. This phenomenon has manifested itself in various forms, from propagandist rhetoric to outright misinformation campaigns. One glaring example of this inversion of truth is the portrayal of …

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Voices of Dissent: Gazans Speak Out Against Hamas

Palestinians inspect a house destroyed after an Israeli air strike in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, on October 21, 2023.

In the midst of the turmoil engulfing Gaza, a chorus of dissent is rising from within, challenging the dominance of Hamas and its role in perpetuating conflict and suffering. Rather than blaming Israel, as one would expect, ordinary Gazan civilians, journalists, and medical professionals are breaking their silence, pointing fingers at Hamas and demanding accountability …

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88 Percent of the Arab World Approves of the Atrocities of 10/7

Screenshot 2024-01-24 133225 France 24

Did you think that the Abraham Accords meant support for Israel in at least some of the Arab world? Think again. According to Elder of Ziyon, 88 percent of the Arab world thinks that the acts of 10/7 were “legitimate.” The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies released the results of a survey of …

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Lockdown Lifted in Beitar after Bus Bomb and Fear of Infiltration

beitar illit

Beitar Illit, located in Gush Etzion, was on lockdown overnight, after a bomb was discovered on a bus. Baruch Hashem, nissim niflaos, the bomb malfunctioned. It fizzled and smoke, but didn’t explode. Residents were finally released from their lockdown at 7am the next morning, making it quite a lot easier to shop and get ready …

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US-Funded Palestinian School Celebrates Synagogue Terror Attack


A USAID celebrated a January 27th terror attack in which 7 worshipers were murdered as they left a Jerusalem signagogue. The Omariya Secondary School for Girls in Qalqilya gathered to celebrate Alqam Kharyi, the terrorist responsible for slaying Jews because they were Jews. The school announced the event on Facebook with a flier referring to …

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Olive Grove Ordered Evacuated by Bibi, Clashes Ensue

Biden Bibi

Two little boys—the Paley brothers—were killed in a terror attack Erev Shabbos. In Netanyahu’s official response to the tragic event, he vowed to build more settlements. Less than one week later, however, at Netanyahu’s behest, an olive grove planted by settlers in the vicinity of Shilo, was uprooted. MKs on the right along with protesters …

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World Reaction to Operation Breaking Dawn

Map showing 20 percent of IJ rockets fell short

Israel’s defensive war against Iranian proxy Islamic Jihad is now over. It is always instructive to see how the world reacts to a barrage of Gazan rockets on civilian Israel, in particular residents of the Gaza “Envelope.” Over a thousand rockets were launched by terrorists with the target, Israeli civilians, but the world called for …