Month: November 2017

Quality of Jewish Life

Long Live (Jews in) Israel

elderly couple walking in a park,

Yet another reason American Jews might want to make Aliyah and move to Israel: they’ll live longer. According to the Jerusalem Post, a more healthy lifestyle, along with better education, better healthcare, and a healthier economy, has help to raise Israeli life expectancy by 10.3 years, from 1970-2015, from 71.8 to 82.1 years. How does …

Freedom of religion

Freedom of Religion on the Temple Mount?

The Jewish Institute for Strategic Studies has just published a poll which suggests that 72% of Israelis think Israel should retain sovereignty over the Temple Mount no matter what peace agreements it signs, while 68% believe Jews should have the freedom to pray there. This is contrary to the current status quo in which only …

Jewish pride

WATCH: Tal Flicker: An Example of Jewish Courage

Tal Flicker sings Israeli national anthem after receiving gold medal in Abu Dhabi

Tal Flicker got a gold medal at a Grand Slam Judo tournament in Abu Dhabi. But because he is a Jewish Israel, the host country of the tournament neither displayed the Israeli flag nor played the Israeli national anthem as the medal was awarded. Instead, the flag of the International Judo Federation was displayed, while …