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Gal Gadot Overtakes Gigi Hadid in Number of Followers

wonder woman sculpture in Bangkok 2017

Gal Gadot has done Israel proud with her rocket-like climb to the top of Hollywood stardom. It’s not just that she’s a great actress, but that she is a warm and likeably human being. She makes Israel—and the Jews in general—look good. That’s important at a time of rising antisemitism and the overwhelming demonization of …


“Carmel” Winter Storm Brings Heavy Winds, Rain, and Ice to Israel

Israeli flag waves in wind and rain

A winter storm dubbed “Carmel,” hit Israel this week, bringing lots of rain, heavy winds, and some ice pellets to Israel this week. It’s not exactly what we pray for when we ask for rain. What we want is “gishmei bracha” when it rains at night, without causing damage or inconvenience. But Hashem is King, …


Reopening the Jerusalem US Consulate Would Be Illegal


Once Trump established a US embassy in Jerusalem, there was no longer any need for a separate US consulate. The embassy is able to provide for all consular services in the Jewish State. As a result, the Jerusalem Consulate, based in an Arab neighborhood in the eastern part of Jerusalem, closed its doors. Now, President …


Samaria Car Accident Kills Two Children, Parents in Serious Condition

Meoded family, with their two little girls, killed in a car accident

Just before Shabbos, a car carrying a couple and their two children collided with a second car. The two children were killed, and the parents were grievously injured. The young family was on its way to spend Shabbos with family, when an Arab driver crossed a double white line. As a result, the Jewish family …


Crickets: Where is the Media on the JINSA Gaza Task Force Report?

Gazan barrage on civilian Israel

JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security in America, recently released the results of their Gaza Task Force. The Gaza Task Force was created to investigate this past May’s attacks on Israel from Gaza, and Israel’s response. Jinsa’s task force has an impressive list of members, as cited by Elder of Ziyon: LTG Robert Ashley, …

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US Denies Israeli Heads-Up on Designating PFLP-Linked NGOs

pro PFLP demonstrators in Milan April 2021

Ned Price, at the US State Department, is insisting that Israel did not send advance warning before designating six NGOs as terrorist affiliates for their links to the PFLP. Meantime, the Israeli Foreign Ministry insists it did indeed warn the US State Department in advance of the designations. The six NGOs are Addameer, Al Haq, …


Suspect Poll Finds Slim Majority of Israelis Think Trump Better for Israel

Biden Trump

According to a suspicious-seeming poll, only a slim majority (53%) of Israelis believe US president Joe Biden is worse for Israel than his predecessor, Donald Trump. The poll says that a third of Israelis (36%) believe there is no significant difference between the two administrations, and 11% think that Biden is better for Israel. The poll …

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NY Times Guest Writer Refaat Alareer Has Likened Israel to Nazi Germany 115 Times

NY Times Building

The NY Times published a guest essay by Refaat Alareer entitled, “My Child Asks, ‘Can Israel Destroy Our Building if the Power Is Out?’” The piece came out on May 13, while Israel was under bombardment with more than 4,000 rockets. Alareer’s article falsely suggested that the IDF hit random targets in Gaza with “no …

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New York Times Distorts Iraqi Jewish History

Mass grave of victims of the Farhud, 1941

A New York Times account of a Baghdad conference on peace between Israel and Iraq was filled with inaccuracies, to the point of offending Jewish history. The article describes the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 that led to a schism between Iraq and Iraqi Jews. The most infamous pogrom in Iraq targeting the Jewish …