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Sally Kornbluth Watches October 7th Footage

Zaka collects remains at the scene on Kibbutz Beeri after October 7

Sally Kornbluth, president of MIT, sat through a 47-minute special screening of a film that shows the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7. Kornbluth has been facing heavy criticism for her performance during a recent congressional hearing in which she refused to say that calls for genocide of the Jewish people amounts to harassment. …

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University Presidents Say Context Matters When it Comes to Calls for Genocide

liz macgill Upenn elise stefanik hearing on antisemitism

University presidents play a crucial role in shaping the academic environment and fostering a culture of open dialogue and critical thinking. Therefore, it is essential that they address sensitive topics, such as calls for genocide, with utmost care and consideration. As opposed to the recent statements by the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and UPenn, there …

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Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Blocks YU Order on LGBTQ Recognition–But Court Reverses Her Decision

Sonia Sotomayor in robes

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor temporarily blocked a court order that would force Yeshiva University to give official recognition to a campus LGBTQ club. But in the end, the court decided to compel YU to honor the NY State ruling. YU according to law must officially recognize the group. YU had argued that recognition of …


Two Ivy League Presidents Step Down—Is it Good or Bad for the Jews?

university president

Harvard President Lawrence Bacow has announced he will be leaving his position in 2023, this just after an April announcement that Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia, would similarly be stepping down. It’s all part of a shake-up begun during the pandemic, which brought about a large number of resignations and retirements, contributing to disruptions in …

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Harvard, Not BDS, is the Problem

crimson banners hang over steps crowded with Harvard students

Liel Leibovitz at the Daily Scroll, commenting on the recent endorsement of BDS by Harvard’s student-run newspaper, The Crimson, opines that Jews arguing the opposite viewpoint are wasting their time. Leibovitz says: “Stop it. Just stop it. Stop pretending like any of this is real. It’s not: What we’re seeing here isn’t a conscientious decision …

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Princeton Won’t Adopt BDS Move after Contentious Referendum

princeton university logo

The recent decision in favor of a BDS-inspired call at Princeton University to boycott the Caterpillar Inc. construction company has successfully been appealed. In the run-up to the referendum on the motion, Jewish students were assured that abstentions would not be counted as non-votes, when in fact, they were, the only reason the vote passed. …

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Antisemitic Professors Harass Students

UC Berkeley

A survey by Alums for Campus Fairness, found that 27 percent of Jewish students reported having been the target of in-person offensive or threatening antisemitic comments from a faculty member or school employee. Another 30 percent said they knew someone who had experienced such comments. Three horrifying examples from a long list provided by popular …

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San Francisco University to Host Arab Terrorist

Terrorist Leila Khaled

Leila Khaled, a notorious Arab terrorist and leading member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), is scheduled to speak on a panel on September 23, at San Francisco University (SFU). Khaled took part in hijacking a commercial flight to Tel Aviv in 1969. The PFLP took part in suicide bombings and …