Month: February 2021


When it Rains it Pours or Lies They Tell in Gaza

Municipal workers drain flood waters after storm

Israel saw heavy snow and rain this past week and that means heavy flooding in both Israel and Gaza. But every time it happens, Gaza authorities repeat the outrageous lie that Israel is opening dams for the express purpose of flooding Gazan agricultural land. There actually are no such water dams anywhere in the vicinity, …


Republican Leaders Speak Out Against Biden for Not Calling Netanyahu

Biden on Phone in Oval Office lifting hand weight

Republicans share the concerns of Israeli leaders regarding Biden’s snub to Netanyahu. Biden has called the leaders of China and Russia, but not Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in what many see as a slight to Israel. Biden has spoken with at least 10 world leaders during his first month in office, but not with …

Media Bias

President Biden Once Again Says He Was “Shot At.” He Wasn’t.

President Biden

Not for the first time, President Biden bragged he’d been shot at overseas, during an address to State Department employees on Thursday. “You have great personal courage,” said Biden. “I’ve been with some of you when we’ve been shot at,” claimed the president to an audience of diplomatic aides in Washington. While Biden didn’t offer …

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Rabbi Doctor Abraham Twerski, Dies age 90 of COVID-19

Rabbi Doctor Avraham Twerski

Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, who came from a long line of multiple Hasidic dynasties, has died, aged 90, of COVID-19. The famed Pittsburgh psychiatrist was considered a leading authority on addiction, and authored more than 60 books. Twerski, who never lost his strong Milwaukee accent, though he lived in Pittsburgh for many years, was …