Month: November 2021


Crickets: Where is the Media on the JINSA Gaza Task Force Report?

Gazan barrage on civilian Israel

JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security in America, recently released the results of their Gaza Task Force. The Gaza Task Force was created to investigate this past May’s attacks on Israel from Gaza, and Israel’s response. Jinsa’s task force has an impressive list of members, as cited by Elder of Ziyon: LTG Robert Ashley, …


ADL Conference Gives Kamala Harris Nod to Whitewash Response to Anti-Israel Student

Kamala Harris

Not long ago, Kamala Harris nodded and smiled as a student claimed that “Apartheid” Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing. Instead of taking the opportunity to correct the record and educate the student, Harris declared that she was glad that the student felt free to “speak her truth.” Naturally, this was a repugnant incident that …

American Jewry, antisemitism

Swastika Found in Suburban Pittsburgh Middle School

swastika graffiti

The Pittsburgh suburb known as Mt. Lebanon has a miniscule Jewish population. Only 1.4 percent of the residents of this former farming community are Jewish. And yet somehow, students at Jefferson Middle School found themselves confronted with a swastika made out of masking tape on the dry erase board of an 8th grade classroom. As …