Month: January 2022


Award-Winning Mexico City Teacher Plays Hitler Games with Students

Ana Luisa Nevarez with super soaker

Ana Luisa Nevárez of Mexico City is teaching her high school students at the PrepaTec Ciudad Juárez how to do Nazi salutes. That’s when she’s not “shooting” them with super soakers, or having them pledge fealty to a specially commissioned custom Hitler doll. Complaints made to the both Nevárez and school administrators were ignored. Nevárez …

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Gal Gadot Overtakes Gigi Hadid in Number of Followers

wonder woman sculpture in Bangkok 2017

Gal Gadot has done Israel proud with her rocket-like climb to the top of Hollywood stardom. It’s not just that she’s a great actress, but that she is a warm and likeably human being. She makes Israel—and the Jews in general—look good. That’s important at a time of rising antisemitism and the overwhelming demonization of …


US Threatens Iran with “Severe Consequences” if Americans Attacked

Qasem Soleimani prepared grave

The US warned Iran of severe consequences in the event of an attack on Americans, in a White House statement on Sunday from National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. The statement is a response to Tehran in reference to sanctions imposed by Iran on dozens of Americans, many of them US military, for the 2020 assassination, …