Month: July 2018

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Falling Stone: What Does it Mean After Tisha B’Av?

Azrat Yisrael egalitarian prayer plaza, Western Wall

A stone fell out of the Western Wall, early Monday morning, the day after we celebrated Tisha B’Av (albeit a day late because of Shabbat). The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat and city engineer Shlomo Eshkol came to inspect the fallen stone and the decision was made to fence off the area until the Antiquities …

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Should Israel Pay For Jewish Education in America?

American Jewish classroom

According to a report on the first conference of North American Jewish school principals that recently took place in Jerusalem, Jewish leaders from the U.S. and Canada asked the Israeli government to subsidize tuition to Jewish schools. As anyone who tries to keep a Torah-observant lifestyle in the United States knows, tuition has become so …

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Jews Respond to Kavanaugh Nomination

The announcement of federal judge Brett Kavanaugh as President Trump’s nominee to replace retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy brought with it the condemnations we’ve come to expect after, well, any announcement by President Trump. And because of claims that Kavanaugh will overturn Roe vs. Wade, the outcry is particularly loud from Jewish groups, who …

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BDS Activist Denied Entry Into Israel

Ariel Gold Code Pink

Israel’s starting to wise up. You can be a democracy without letting people who hurt you have free reign to wreak havoc in your country. That is what Jewish American BDS activist Ariel Elyse Gold of Code Pink discovered when her plane landed in Tel Aviv. This is a nasty woman who agitates against Israel …