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Man Arrested for 2018 Antisemitic Crime

Caine Zander Brown

Caine Zander Brown, age 20, has been arrested for spraying antisemitic graffiti on a Louisiana synagogue, Northshore Jewish Congregation, in 2018. During the investigation, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force interviewed Brown regarding a separate matter. Brown admitted traveling to Mandeville, the location of the synagogue, at the time of the defacement of the house of worship.

Social media posts reveal Brown’s espousal of Nazi doctrine and Holocaust denial, with references to “synagogue of satan” and photos of himself in Nazi headgear, making the “Heil Hitler” Nazi hand salute gesture. After police got a search warrant for Brown’s cell phone records, they were able to definitively place Brown in the area of the synagogue on the date the incident occurred. They also recorded a statement from a confidential source revealing Brown had spoken of his intention to paint Nazi graffiti on the synagogue.

If we can track down and prosecute these haters, even after so much time has elapsed, perhaps there’s hope we can deter others from their hate, and teach them a lesson about what is and isn’t right in our society.