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New ICJ Judge is Horribly Antisemitic

ICJ Judge Nawaf Salam

For those late to the party, South Africa took Israel to the Hague, accusing the Jewish State of genocide. South Africa lost, but Israel didn’t exactly win, with the ICJ warning the IDF to be more careful in its war against Hamas, to avoid committing genocide. Notice no similar warning to Hamas regarding October 7th, and also its use of human shields in Gaza.

Now with Israel facing other such suits in the ICJ, a horribly antisemitic judge has been appointed to that body. Judge Nawaf Salam, of Lebanon, has again and again, posted antisemitic smears against Israel on social media through the years. From the Jerusalem Post:

In 2015, the now-president wrote, “Unhappy birthday to you, 48 years of occupation.” Months later, the Jewish News Syndicate reported that he wrote “Israel must stop violence and end occupation” and “Portraying the critics of Israel’s policies as antisemites is an attempt to intimidate and discredit them, which we reject.”

Having this man standing in judgement over Israel is a travesty of justice. How the ICJ gets away with this is easy: the world hates Jews.