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US-Funded Palestinian School Celebrates Synagogue Terror Attack


A USAID celebrated a January 27th terror attack in which 7 worshipers were murdered as they left a Jerusalem signagogue. The Omariya Secondary School for Girls in Qalqilya gathered to celebrate Alqam Kharyi, the terrorist responsible for slaying Jews because they were Jews. The school announced the event on Facebook with a flier referring to Kharyi as a “hero” and stating that “the Jews will taste the bitterness” of his crimes.

Finally, the flier said that so-called Palestinians will “bring down destruction” to take Jerusalem for themselves.

“The Omariya School is indicative of everything that is wrong with how US taxpayer money is abused in the Palestinian Authority’s educational sector,” said Impact-se CEO Marcus Sheff speaking to the Algemeiner on Tuesday. “A school is more than bricks and mortar: it is where lessons are learned and values imparted. USAID built the school but it cannot be indifferent to the lessons of hate and values of antisemitism taught within its gates.”