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Ivy League Presidents: Two Down, One to Go

Claudine Gay ex-president Harvard

Liz Magill is gone, and now, so too is Claudine Gay. Now we wait only for Sally Kornbluth to follow through. These are the three Ivy League college presidents under fire for refusing to condemn antisemitism. Magill resigned from UPenn, and Claudine Gay resigned from Harvard. Will MIT’s Kornbluth follow suit?

She should. Perhaps she thinks that because she’s Jewish, she gets a pass for giving a pass to antisemitism. But no such luck. Kornbluth must be held accountable for failing to take a stance against antisemitism, regardless of her religion. It is essential for university leaders to unequivocally condemn all forms of hate and discrimination. The resignation of Magill and Gay serves as a necessary reminder that these actions have consequences. The remaining question is whether Kornbluth will prioritize the values of inclusivity and justice or continue to tolerate intolerance. The Ivy League community eagerly awaits her decision.