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BDS This: Israel Develops Coronavirus Vaccine

Israeli lab tech works on coronavirus vaccine

Israel is going to have a coronavirus vaccine in three weeks. That doesn’t mean we will have it then. It will take time for it to clear regulatory stuff and to be manufactured and distributed. That could take 90 days or more.

By that time we hope the epidemic will have passed, but the thing is, these viruses mutate and you want to have a vaccine as soon as possible. The BDS movement, meantime, has been heating up with the UN having just issued a blacklist of Israeli businesses to boycott. These are businesses that are not necessarily located in disputed territories (Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem), but also service providers, for instance, the Egged bus company, and the Bezeq telephone company.

What will happen to BDS supporters when the Israeli-designed, manufactured, and sold coronavirus vaccine becomes available? Will they refuse to be vaccinated against the deadly virus?