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Globalism is Bad for the Jews

Globalism illustrated

Jonathan Tobin has a thoughtful piece about “The Great Reset” and the push for a more global world. Big wigs in the globalist movement, if you go by the guest list of a conference on globalism, includes such luminaries as the heads of both Microsoft and Mastercard, along with King Charles III of Britain. Tobin, citing Michael Walsh, says globalism is simply “warmed-over Marxism is designed to ensure that in the above reimagined modern world, ‘we will own nothing and be happy about it.’”

Globalist thinking, moreover, represents the face of the “elite liberal establishment,” says Tobin. “It’s made up of the same people who advocate for censorship of conservative views on social-media platforms like Twitter—something the ADL chief boasts of doing.

Tobin says that these “woke ideas” are linked to racism and privilege, but are “directly hostile to Jews, who, in the bizarro realm of critical race theory, are viewed as white oppressors.”