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Arabs Count 203 Attacks on Israel this past Week

Maata chart

The nonprofit Maata tracks Arab attacks on Israelis daily, weekly, and monthly. Its reports get quoted all the time in Arab media. No one else pays attention to its “statistics” and for sure not Israel, which has its own “statistics” based on actual facts and figures. This is according to someone I greatly respect and often reference, earnest blogger “Elder of Ziyon” (EOZ).

EOZ has often exposed anti-Israelism as antisemitism. After telling us about Maata, Elder shared a typical chart of Arab attacks on Jews this one from last week. Each category of victims has its own symbol. The symbol for “settler” is this bearded Chassid:

Maata settler graphic

. . .  which is ridiculous, because Chassidim are not settlers. They are not, for the most part, even Zionists.

It only proves that it was never about land. It was always about the Jews.