Vivek Ramaswamy: Is He Good or Bad for Israel


Vivek Ramaswamy, if he wins the presidential nomination, will be the youngest serious Republican candidate ever to do so. Ramaswamy is 38 and possibly because he is so young, has no experience with politics. Maybe that’s why his views on Israel are so controversial—Ramaswamy wants to stop sending U.S. aid to Israel.

Many Jews and even Israeli Jews agree with him. U.S. aid to Israel mostly benefits the U.S, because the aid must be spent there, and because the IDF trains the U.S. military in the use of the planes and advanced weapons systems it sends. Israel also makes important improvements to these items. The aid is also only 3% of Israel’s total military budget.

Israel can easily do without this aid. The result of U.S. aid to Israel is that people call it a client state, and accuse the Jewish State of sponging off the U.S. But the fact that Ramaswamy wants to cut the aid says something about his feelings on the subject of Israel, and it sure doesn’t say something good.