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Restaurants Not Immune to Antisemitism

Caffe Aronne

November 8th, one month after the October 7 Hamas massacre of innocent Israeli men, women, and children, five anti-Israel employees staged a walkout at a Jewish-owned cafe in Manhattan, Caffé Aronne. As in many places around the world, the hate isn’t directed solely at Israel, but specifically at Jews. If you ask the employees why they quit, they will tell you it’s because Israel is committing genocide against innocent Gazans. But what does this have to do with a Jewish-owned restaurant in Manhattan?

The walkout at Caffé Aronne highlights a disturbing trend of antisemitism that is not limited to Israel. It is a reminder that hatred towards Jews exists globally. This incident raises important questions about the connection between anti-Israel sentiment and the targeting of Jewish businesses. While these employees may claim that their actions were in response to the conflict in Gaza, their decision to walk out of a Jewish-owned establishment suggests a deeper animosity towards Jews in general. This incident serves as a reminder that even seemingly unrelated sectors, such as restaurants, are not immune to the influence of prejudice.