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88 Percent of the Arab World Approves of the Atrocities of 10/7

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Did you think that the Abraham Accords meant support for Israel in at least some of the Arab world? Think again. According to Elder of Ziyon, 88 percent of the Arab world thinks that the acts of 10/7 were “legitimate.”

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies released the results of a survey of the Arab world last week, and it shows that the overwhelming majority of Arabs consider the 10/7 pogrom to be “legitimate.”

A total of 88% considered the attack legitimate, while only 5% considered it illegitimate. 67% considered it entirely legitimate, 19% say it was legitimate but Hamas made some mistakes, and 2% admitted that it included heinous or criminal acts – but was still legitimate.

Among Palestinians surveyed in the West Bank, 0%  – yes, statistically nobody – considered 10/7 illegitimate. 11% said some mistakes were made and 4% admitted it included heinous acts, but was legitimate anyway.

What could possibly make an atrocity, legitimate? Is 88 percent of them also psychopathic, and think it’s okay to be cruel?