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University Presidents Say Context Matters When it Comes to Calls for Genocide

liz macgill Upenn elise stefanik hearing on antisemitism

University presidents play a crucial role in shaping the academic environment and fostering a culture of open dialogue and critical thinking. Therefore, it is essential that they address sensitive topics, such as calls for genocide, with utmost care and consideration. As opposed to the recent statements by the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and UPenn, there …


Resolution on Antisemitism by House of Representatives


On Tuesday, the House of Representatives, led by Jerrold Nadler, Daniel Goldman, and Jamie Raskin, introduced a resolution condemning the sharp rise in antisemitism and antisemitic incidents in the wake of the October 7th massacre in Israel. The resolution, H. Res. ll, states, “Whereas there is an alarming rise in antisemitism in the United States, …

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Israel’s War on Hamas and its Effect on the US Economy

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The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has far-reaching implications beyond the immediate region. As the violence escalates, concerns are rising about the potential impact on the US economy. One major concern is the effect on oil prices. The Middle East is a major oil-producing region, and any disruption to the flow of oil could …

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Restaurants Not Immune to Antisemitism

Caffe Aronne

November 8th, one month after the October 7 Hamas massacre of innocent Israeli men, women, and children, five anti-Israel employees staged a walkout at a Jewish-owned cafe in Manhattan, Caffé Aronne. As in many places around the world, the hate isn’t directed solely at Israel, but specifically at Jews. If you ask the employees why …

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Lockdown Lifted in Beitar after Bus Bomb and Fear of Infiltration

beitar illit

Beitar Illit, located in Gush Etzion, was on lockdown overnight, after a bomb was discovered on a bus. Baruch Hashem, nissim niflaos, the bomb malfunctioned. It fizzled and smoke, but didn’t explode. Residents were finally released from their lockdown at 7am the next morning, making it quite a lot easier to shop and get ready …

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US Ambassador Nides of Smotrich: ‘Would Throw Him Out of the Plane’

US Ambassador to Israel, Thomas R. Nides

US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides hurled epithets at Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich on Friday in an official statement, calling him “stupid” and saying he would “throw him out of the plane” should he fly to Washington. In response, Smotrich issued this statement: “I am not angry at the US Ambassador to Israel, and …


Just in time for Purim: Name of Persian King Darius found on Potsherd in Israel

darius potsherd

King Darius the Great, the father of King Achashverosh may be gone, but his name lives on in the form of an inscription found on a potsherd in Israel’s Lachish National Park. It was the first time the king’s name was found on an archaeological artifact, anywhere in Israel. Fittingly, the discovery was made by …

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US-Funded Palestinian School Celebrates Synagogue Terror Attack


A USAID celebrated a January 27th terror attack in which 7 worshipers were murdered as they left a Jerusalem signagogue. The Omariya Secondary School for Girls in Qalqilya gathered to celebrate Alqam Kharyi, the terrorist responsible for slaying Jews because they were Jews. The school announced the event on Facebook with a flier referring to …

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Olive Grove Ordered Evacuated by Bibi, Clashes Ensue

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Two little boys—the Paley brothers—were killed in a terror attack Erev Shabbos. In Netanyahu’s official response to the tragic event, he vowed to build more settlements. Less than one week later, however, at Netanyahu’s behest, an olive grove planted by settlers in the vicinity of Shilo, was uprooted. MKs on the right along with protesters …