Go Orthodox Young Man: American Jewry is Dying

American Jewry

A new study by the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) suggests that non-Orthodox American Jewry is dying out. The reason? The current generation of non-Orthodox American Jews is not having children. Those who are, are having non-Jewish children, by dint of intermarriage.

Here’s the breakdown: 15 percent of non-Orthodox Jews age 25-54 have a Jewish spouse and Jewish children. Another 8 percent have Jewish spouses, but no children, while 4 percent are single parents, and 36 percent are unmarried with no children. Some 13 percent are intermarried with Jewish children, 8 percent are intermarried with non-Jewish children, and 17 percent are intermarried and childless.

The only demographic having Jewish children and lots of them is the 10 percent of American Jewry that identifies as Orthodox. The upshot? If you want to have Jewish children, it’s time to consult your nearest Orthodox Jewish rabbi about how to get with the plan.