Israel Sends Aid to American Jews

Israeli volunteers help seniors during Tropical Storm Irma

The shekel is worth more than the dollar and now instead of American Jews putting money in the pushke for Israel, Israel is sending money to American Jews. How do you like them apples? Elliot Abrams has a terrific article on the subject HERE, in which he concludes:

It is logical to expect Israel to show, in ways such as this, that it is steadily becoming the largest and most important Jewish community in the world. Once upon a time, the center of world Jewish life was in Israel; then it moved to Europe; then to the United States; and now it is moving back to where it all began.

Yup. Israel is helping with Harvey and Irma. Which makes you wonder why all hurricanes have Jewish names??? And can’t we make a remake of this song and call it Harvey and Irma?