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CNN Eats Crow (Not)


Back in May, CNN made light of Netanyahu’s revelations about Iran’s secret nuclear work and machinations (“What did Netanyahu reveal about Iran’s nuclear program? Nothing new, experts say”): Nonproliferation experts who spoke with CNN say Netanyahu provided no evidence that Iran contravened the terms of the agreement. Moreover, they say there was nothing new in …

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Paraguay Opens Jerusalem Embassy

Screenshot of the opening of Paraguay's Jerusalem embassy May 2018

It’s a veritable flood (of reason and intellect). Paraguay has joined the United States and Guatemala in opening embassies in Jerusalem. It seems that countries wait for the US to lead, and then follow suit. Which proves what an important move President Trump made in moving the US embassy to Jerusalem’s eternal capital, Jerusalem. Love …

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WATCH: Tal Flicker: An Example of Jewish Courage

Tal Flicker sings Israeli national anthem after receiving gold medal in Abu Dhabi

Tal Flicker got a gold medal at a Grand Slam Judo tournament in Abu Dhabi. But because he is a Jewish Israel, the host country of the tournament neither displayed the Israeli flag nor played the Israeli national anthem as the medal was awarded. Instead, the flag of the International Judo Federation was displayed, while …