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Paraguay Opens Jerusalem Embassy

Screenshot of the opening of Paraguay's Jerusalem embassy May 2018

It’s a veritable flood (of reason and intellect). Paraguay has joined the United States and Guatemala in opening embassies in Jerusalem.

It seems that countries wait for the US to lead, and then follow suit. Which proves what an important move President Trump made in moving the US embassy to Jerusalem’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.

Love Trump or hate him, this is an amazing thing he did. Just watch: more embassies will be moving to the Holy City. It’s about time the Jews had the same rights as everyone else, in particular, the ability to name their own capital, to own their own ancient, indigenous city. It was good enough for King David. Why should it not be good enough for Europe?

The answer, of course, is equal parts antisemitism and lucrative business contracts with foes of the Jewish State. Will righteousness ever win out?

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