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Alan Dershowitz Enthusiastic About Voting for a Biden Perceived by Many as Anti-Israel

attorney alan dershowitz

Joe Biden has a long history of anti-Israel actions, as covered in this JNS piece by Jackson Richman. And still, Alan Dershowitz has gone on record with Dan Abrams of Fox News as an enthusiastic supporter of Biden:

“I’m a strong supporter of Joe Biden,” Dershowitz responded. “I like Joe Biden. I’ve liked him for a long time and I could enthusiastically support Joe Biden.”

“Over Donald Trump?” asked Abrams.

“Over Donald Trump, yeah,” Dershowitz concluded.

This support for a candidate perceived by many as anti-Israel is unsurprising, considering Dershowitz stumped for Obama, twice. Obama is also widely perceived as anti-Israel. In fact, many see Obama and Carter as tied for most anti-Israel president, ever.


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