Orthodox celebrities

Coronavirus Glam?

woman dressed as Princess Leia, takes out trash during COVID-19

Coronavirus makes it hard to keep a sense of humor, but some people manage to make the most of isolation. A Facebook group started by a kindergarten teacher in Australia, “Bin Isolation Outing” invites people to post photos of themselves taking out the trash in exotic outfits and costumes, from Superman, to Star Wars characters, to brides.

Personally, we love the idea and would like to see people dressing up as famous rabbis or people from the bible. But it might be difficult to tell the difference between the Chofetz Chaim and the Netziv. There’s always Maimonides and King David, of course, easily distinguishable, one from the other.

If you were to dress up to take out the garbage, which orthodox celebrity would you choose to be?


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