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Penn States Deletes Tweet Defending All Viewpoints

Old main building of Penn State University

The Liberal Arts Department of Penn State issued and subsequently deleted a tweet that told students that all viewpoints were welcome at the university:

“Dear students, each of you belongs here. Your lives matter.”

Dear Muslim and Jewish students,

Your beliefs are valued here.

Dear conservative students,

Your viewpoints are important.

Dear Latinx students,

You will not find walls here.

Dear female students,

You are respected.

Dear LGBTQ+ students,

You are supported here.

Dear international students,

You are welcome here.

Dear ALL students,

We are here to support and learn from one another.

Havoc ensued as students decried that fact that conservatives were included in the list of students whose voices were welcomed and respected. So hostile was the outcry that the university caved and deleted the tweet. The Founding Fathers of America are turning in their graves at this suppression of opinion and speech in an academic institution on American soil.