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Israeli Immunocompromised May Receive Booster

covid19 vaccine against israeli flag backdrop

As the Delta variant of COVID-19 is contracted by more and more people in Israel, experts are suggesting that those with compromised immune systems receive a third shot as a booster. It is now clear that many of those affected by the variant have been fully vaccinated. The good news is that these cases of COVID-19 appear to be less serious than what we’ve seen in past months and years.

Israel had lifted all COVID-19 restrictions, and the country breathed a sigh of relief. But it was short-lived, and now restrictions are slowly being re-imposed. Masks are once again required in doors, with more restrictions expected to be put in place in the coming days or weeks.

Naturally, the American Jewish community watches Israel with great interest to see how it handles all things pandemic. The idea of variants is scary, but so far, cases caused by new variants appear to be milder in nature. We may want to watch Israel even closer, to see how a third booster might impact the spread of the Delta variant, on the ground.