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PA Says Israel Killing Prisoners with Coronavirus in “War Crime”

antisemitic cartoon by the Palestinian authority shows Israeli doctor infecting security prisoners with coronavirus

While the world continues to parrot the lie that Israel is refusing to vaccinate the citizens of the PA and those of Hamas-led Gaza, the PA is claiming that Israel is deliberately killing Arab prisoners with coronavirus. This egregious lie has appeared front and center in an official PA daily op-ed. The title of said op-ed is: Coronavirus is Israel’s “new weapon” to “torment ‎and kill the prisoners slowly and indirectly”‎

The daily, distributed by the official Palestinian Authority news organ, libels Israel, suggesting that Israeli leaders are deliberately infecting security prisoners with the virus, calling this a “war crime” and suggesting that this is all part of “Israel’s ideology of terror.” Isn’t that a twist (not to mention a complete fantasy)? Someone needs to tell the PA that the terrorists are the ones behind bars.

Feature photo credit: Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).