Israeli Single Mothers May Lose Child Support

Anxious mom

An order introduced in 2016 has allowed the National Insurance Institute to provide child-support payments to over 13,000 single mothers. This order expired at the beginning of July 2021, and payments are going to be reduced come August.

This is especially difficult right now being as many women were laid off from their jobs following the outbreak of COVID-19.

“In practice most of the living expenses fall on the women, with whom the children live most of the time, and now it isn’t clear how they’ll manage. The state must provide solutions in such instances”, says attorney Keren Horowitz, director of the Rackman Center at Bar-Ilan University, member of the Coalition to Ensure Child Support Payments, to Haaretz’ journalist Lee Yaron.

The matter will hopefully be resolved when the 2021-22 state budget is addressed- although that isn’t happening for another three months.