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Trump Cuts UNRWA Funding

UNRWA school, Jerusalem

It’s about time someone cut the pipeline to UNRWA. The organization is as dirty as can be, calling children, great grandchildren, and even great great grandchildren of those who left Israel in 1948, “refugees.” Even those who fled weren’t really refugees, as they left of their own volition.

In all this time, moreover, none of the 22 Arab states bothered to absorb them. And they wouldn’t let Israel take them out of the refugee camps, keeping them as political pawns. A terrible thing.

Not to mention that UNRWA officially teaches Jew-hatred in its “schools” which are also used to store missiles intended for shooting at Israeli civilians. That means that when Israel responds, kindergartens are hit and the world screams bloody murder calling Israel “cruel.”

Glad someone is finally putting a stop to all this dishonesty and evil. Maybe this false front org will finally fall apart and the people can be rehabilitated by a real org with good intentions.

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