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Ancient Lantern Found in Jerusalem—Right in Time for Chanuka

Lantern found in Ir David (City of David, Jerusalem)

Chanuka is a time of light and miracles, so perhaps it should be no surprise that archaeologists just found a 2000-year-old lantern from the Hasmonean period in the City of David, in Jerusalem. The candle holder, preserved in its entirety, dates back to the Second Temple era. According to Israel Hayom, Antiquities Authority Director of Excavations Ari Levy said that “these candles were used for different purposes – from simple everyday uses such as lighting rooms and streets, to religious ceremonial uses for Shabbat and Hanukkah.

“We will empty the contents of the candle and examine what kind of oil was used to light it,” Levy added. “We are used to finding only parts of candles. It’s not every day that we get to find a candle preserved in its entirety. We are all very excited.”