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Ambassador Alan Baker on the Biden PA “Reset”

Ambassador Alan Baker

The Biden Administration has restored funding to the Palestinian Authority to the tune of $90m, though the PA has done nothing with regard to ending its pay-to-slay policy of incentivizing Jew-murdering terrorists with stipends. Former Israeli Ambassador to Canada Alan Baker, in an editorial for the JPost, says this “reset” is a very bad idea:

To reset the US approach to the Israel-Palestinian peace process without requiring the Palestinian leadership to cease their “pay-for-slay” policy of paying salaries to terrorists and their families, is tantamount to closing a blind eye to such payments and ignoring valid US legislation.

There can be no genuine and bona fide reset if the Palestinian support and encouragement of the BDS campaign against Israel’s economic, cultural, and political integrity is allowed to continue and to develop.

There can certainly be no genuine and bona fide reset on the administration’s approach to Palestinian-Israeli peace process if the Palestinian leadership is allowed – and even encouraged to continue in its efforts to undermine that process – by undermining Israel’s legitimacy and that of its leadership, as well as through its cynical manipulation of the ICC with numerous allegations of war crimes.

Well said, Ambassador. Well said.